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We provide clients with a wide range of global securities, futures and option products, and only charge a special low online transaction commission fee. We also offer special margin interest rate discounts to significantly improve the flexibility of funds. Furthermore, our diverse products have expanded to funds and bonds enabling you to take full advantage of hedging through the use of different risk investment products.

Smart Added Value   Fully Entrusted Invested

We are partnered with a number of large international investment banks and fund investment firms to manage client accounts and make the best investment decisions for our clients. Our asset management team are experts at seeking investment opportunities and aim to provide absolute returns, irrespective of which your account status will always be fully transparent.

Insightful Investment Strategy Team

This group of top professionals with extensive international investment and research experience seeks and provides the best investment opportunities through exhaustive research and analysis. We offer real-time investment strategy analysis on a daily basis together with trend reviews and weekly market overview to help the client take the driver’s seat and get a head-start on the road to successful investments.

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Glory Sun Securities Limited is a member of Glory Sun Financial Group Limited(Stock code: 1282). The Group is currently engaged in Comprehensive Financial Services Business, Diversified Investment ,  Automation & Intelligent Manufacturing Business, Securities Investments Business and Property Investment and Development. 

Glory Sun Financial Holdings Limited was established in 2016. It’s six subsidiary financial service companies provide one-stop financial services covering global securities product investments, asset management, wealth management, financial planning, and other sectors. Among these operations, Glory Sun Securities has been based in Hong Kong for 20 years providing one-stop investment services for valued investors, including online and brokerage securities and futures trading services, asset management, and corporate financing etc., which are highly trusted by Hong Kong and mainland investors.

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The simple mobile and online trading platform interfaces are configured with a variety of new functions, allowing you to instantly trade online at anytime and anywhere, and connects you to the global investment markets to manage your investment portfolios.

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