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Glory Sun Securities Limited (“Glory Sun Securities”) is a member of Glory Sun Financial Group (listed number: 1282), with a market capitalization reaching up to 10 billion*, and is strong and robust.

Glory Sun Financial Holdings Limited was established in 2016. Its six subsidiary financial service companies provide one-stop financial services covering global securities product investments, asset management, wealth management, financial planning, and other sectors.

Among these operations, Glory Sun Securities has been based in Hong Kong for 19 years providing one-stop investment services for valued investors, including online and brokerage securities and futures trading services, asset management, and corporate financing etc., which are highly trusted by Hong Kong and mainland investors.

*As of the end of June 2017

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Global Securities and Futures

Our high-quality Customer services team is dedicated to provide innovative and value-added investment services for individual and corporate clients, and aim to be your most powerful investment supporter; our diversified products include: Hong Kong stocks, China B-Share stocks, tradable A-Share stocks under Shenzhen-Hong Kong Connect and Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect, U.S. stocks, Singaporean stocks, Japanese stocks, CBBCs, and warrants etc. We also provide stock margin trading services (margin), which can increase your investment capability and potential returns through leverage, greatly improve the flexibility of funds, and help you earn higher potential returns, which is of course accompanied by increased risks.

Fund.Bonds.Asset Management
In addition to online and brokerage securities trading services, Glory Sun Securities also provides a full range of asset management services, which are focused on fully entrusted investment services. Our team takes advantage of global investment situations and market information, and has extensive experience in asset management, which has been accumulated from years of engagement as professional managers in the asset management business in private banks. Over the years, we have always chosen large international investment banks and fund platforms as our major partners, and design appropriate investment portfolio allocations based on customer’s investment goals, thus forming the investment plans that can decentralize the risks and achieve a steady wealth growth; relevant products include stocks, bonds and funds, etc.

Corporate Financing
Glory Sun Securities provides diverse services for enterprises, including corporate financing, financial advisory, and the general advisory services for international companies in regards to listing rules and capital markets.


We have won many awards in the industry, which gives strong evidence that our excellent investment team and its precise deployment are highly recognized in the industry; we have also received a lot of special media coverage. Glory Sun Securities has established an international-level quality control system, whether in terms of products and services or after-sales Customer services customer services. We sincerely believe that talents are our important asset, and that we can only go further by being people oriented.

FinTech Awards 2017 – Outstanding Securities Trading Platform | 2018
Capital Weekly Service Awards – Securities Service | 2017
iFast Wealth Advisers Awards 2017 – Top Balances Funds Sales

Won Awards for 2 consecutive years
Excellent Asset Management Brand | 2016-2017
Best Asset Management Securities Dealer Awards | 2014-2015
Outstanding Business Sector Awards – Chinese Securities Dealer | 2014-2015

Won Awards for 3 Consecutive Years
Outstanding Research Team Securities Dealer Awards | 2013-2015

About Glory Sun Financial Holdings

Glory Sun Financial Holdings’ predecessor was China Yinsheng Securities Group, which was firmly established in the Hong Kong financial industry for 18 years where it accumulated rich experience. Since its establishment in 1998, we have been adhering to the service concept of “pursuit of excellence, pioneering and innovation”, and we are committed to develop a diverse investment orientation for clients. The six subsidiaries provide financial services covering global securities product investments, asset management, wealth management, financial planning, and other sectors to meet client needs at different stages.

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About Glory Sun Financial Group

Glory Sun Financial Group Limited (Stock Code: HK1282) was established in 2009 and listed on the HKEX on December 15, 2010. Glory Sun Securities and its affiliated companies are mainly engaged in financial services; securities investments; strategic investments; the development of biometric security; wireless data transmission and communication related technologies; the buy-sell automation related equipment and the provision of related services; the production of a series of high-tech products. The group is currently implementing a series of strategic transformation measures; in the future, it will seek appropriate investment opportunities in comprehensive financial services, asset management, new energies, emerging industries and other areas to vigorously develop new business and new markets to reflect the diversified development strategy.

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Job Opportunities

Glory Sun Securities regards talent as the most valuable asset and attaches great importance to talent introduction and cultivation. We are closely concerned with employee growth and therefore give plenty of encouragement, training, and promotion opportunities to allow employees to give full play to their strengths. We are also committed to exploring talents who are dedicated to the financial industry and thereby cultivate them into our future leaders and become the future driving force for the Group’s development.


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