Real Time Quote Services

Instant Quotation System Plan

In addition to the multiple free trading systems offered by Glory Sun Securities, clients can also choose the AA Stocks and ET NET instant quotations systems for value-added services; the following functions can be yours by simply paying a monthly fee:

International Version (Monthly Fee) HK$388 HK$330
Domestic Version (Monthly Fee) HK$280 HK$280
Basic Functions
Instant Streaming Stock Quotation (Up to 4 Windows) (Up to 4 Windows)
Instant Simple Quotation 25 26
Support 10 Price Quotations  checked
Index Futures checked checked
Index Options checked checked
Stock Options checked
20 Major Active Stocks checked checked
Price Prompt checked checked
Foreign Exchange Price checked
Chart and Analysis
1-Minute Chart checked checked
Second Chart (Tick to Tick)
Instant 5-Day Trend Prediction checked
Instant Technical Analysis of Recommended Stocks checked
Comparative Analysis of A/H Share Individual Stocks checked
Derivative Instrument
Warrant Category checked checked
Warrant Calculator
CBBC Category checked checked
Company Data
Company Business Overview checked checked
Balance Sheet checked checked
Shares Repurchase checked
Dividend Payout Records checked checked
Performance Data checked checked
Company Search checked
News and Tips
HKEX News checked  checked
Dow Jones News
Master Commentaries and Tips  checked
RSS Information Aggregation Platform
Supported Systems
iPhone Program checked
Android Program checked
Embedded Online Trading Platform checked checked
Open Independent Webpage checked checked
Open Downloaded Program

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